Good driving habits

That is not always as straightforward as you may think. So whenever visibility is reduced, you should use your headlights, if not to help you see but to help others see you.

Make sure that the driver's seat and seat back are properly adjusted before you start driving. Confidence is also key to getting drivers to comply and to reduce driver resistance to fleet monitoring devices. Headlights are visible at a greater distance than parking lights alone.

Never attempt to adjust the driver's seat or seatback while driving. And if you have decided to head out in extreme weathers like snow, heavy rainfall or fog etc.

Of course, it Good driving habits not just phones that cause distraction. Improper installation of mobile communication equipment such as cellular telephones or radios may cause electronic interference with your vehicle's ignition system,resulting in vehicle performance problems.

Instead of hitting the negligent driver, the rig plowed directly into the vehicle carrying Jacy Good and her parents, Jean and Jay Good. This will ensure a quick start whenever you need it.

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So start arming yourself for safer driving by reading the No. If that is not possible, then you should consider running the red.

Good Driving Habits - How to make every drop last longer

Few of us can claim perfection when it comes to our behaviour behind the wheel. Start your car in the 1st gear only, except if you are in a muddy patch or going downhill then engage the 2nd gear.

One in 20 admit to never stopping at all, and 28 per cent say they keep driving even when they are tired because they want to press on to their destination. Some pointer's on what you can do when you are on the road, Concentrate: That was when a semi-tractor trailer swerved to avoid clobbering his car.

Which just leaves one question: Strategies to Ensure Long-Term Good Driving Practices Even though monetary incentives such as bonuses, gift cards, and redeeming reward points from catalogs have resulted in positive results, some fleet managers think these results are only short-lived.

When you slam on the brakes, a lot of useful energy is wasted in the form of heat. The dangers are plain: First of all you should always avoid heading out for long routes during bad weather. Good Braking Habits Stop-and-go driving wastes fuel. The traffic police have laid down a certain lot of rules which are familiarised with once you start driving.

Creating Driver Incentive Programs Having a driver incentive program demonstrates that the company values their drivers, which in turn can result in higher driver retention rates.

Music, cell phone, edibles etc are several forms of distraction. Strategies to sustain good driving behavior in the long-run: When your car is involved in a collision, your car decelerates very quickly.

Give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel the pressure of reaching your destination late. They take regular breaks Since driver fatigue is a major factor in road accidents, causing as many as 3, a year in the UK alone, it ought to go without saying that the best drivers stop regularly to recharge their batteries and stay alert.

Keep the battery, dynamo, self-starter and fan-belt in good condition. Yet according to the AA63 per cent of British motorists do not take effective breaks while travelling long distances. Use fog lights if you have it.

To see why the Peugeot is the confident choice, visit peugeot. In addition to choosing the right reward, the form of presentation is equally important.

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When your engine is running, the alternator, which is cranked by the engine, is providing power to your vehicle as well as recharging your battery. Traffic heading in both directions is required to stop and the requirement to stop applies in both urban as well as rural areas.

Part two of this article will cover real-world incentives and recognition programs tried and tested by fleet managers as well as the approach that has worked best for them. If you encounter oncoming traffic flashing their high beams at you, slow down, there is something ahead.

That means that even though company plaques and gadgets make good incentives to award in a driver recognition program, they are usually kept at home and will not be seen by other co-workers. Every government has set some simple standards for driving which are not at all abstruse to follow.

5 Good Driving Habits You Should Adopt March 2nd, by Eli P For most experienced drivers, driving is a habitual activity that doesn’t require a lot of conscious thought once we get behind the wheel. Be safe on the road, read this article for some good habits while driving.

But when employees interact as frequently with the public at large as a fleet driver does, the need for good driving habits and a focus on driver safety becomes much more important.

For companies that deploy fleets, driver safety is a matter of public responsibility. Bad habits can be hard to break, but what if those bad habits break your car?

These 10 common bad driving habits can cause major damage to your car. If the data reveals good driving habits, then the driver is eligible to receive discounted insurance premiums.

In some cases, discounts can be as high as 30 per cent. Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by roughly 15% to 30% at highway speeds and 10% to 40% in stop-and-go traffic. 1,2 Driver feedback devices can help you drive more efficiently.

Good driving habits
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