A comparison between the hindu gods of good and evil essay

Zeus is the God of thunder and lightning. Islam does not believe in rebirth, but only resurrection and the Last Judgment Day. Corruption usually originates from the development of social classes and the lower classes are considered less than human. Whereas, in the Bible Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, Jesus paid the debt which we could never pay.

He or she must fulfill this role to be considered a person who is living the proper way of life. These three, called the Trimurti, are creation, preservation, and destruction.

While the Islamic rulers succeeded in creating pockets of Muslim influence, they failed comprehensively in reaching out to a large section of the Indian population and converting them the new faith, either because the latter shunned them for fear or prejudice or because they remained under the protection of Hindu rulers who still managed to retain political power in areas where the Muslim rulers could not reach.

Hinduism and Islam, A Comparison of Beliefs and Practices

Married people can seek divorce on certain valid grounds and the aggrieved parties are entitled for compensation. You often will find Jesus presented as a great Brahmin priest who has renounced the world, renounced everything and comes down as the bearer of the true philosophy.

But this viewpoint has limited validity. One of the most notable developments in Hinduism during the medieval period was the rise of bhakti movement, which emphasized devotion and surrender to God as the best means to salvation.

However, there are some tenets to Hinduism that are universal to all Hindus. The way of devotion was a mythical transcendence, because it was heavily based on the myth about the encounters between mortal humans and divine beings for example the legend of Krishna and Arguna that described the main doctrines of this part of Hinduism to its pursuers.

To avert this, Kansa imprisons both Devaki and her husband Vasudeva and allows them to live on the condition that they hand over all their newborns to him. As we have already seen, Hinduism lacks a foundation for equality of all human persons. If there is any distinction among people, it is between believers and non-believers, those who acknowledge Allah and His messenger and those who do not and the pious and the evil.

This makes salvation not definitive in Hinduism; whereas in Christianity we are told that we will dwell and reign with Him forever and ever Revelation But it is infinitely fascinating to learn more and more about them as they shows us how similar we all are, even though we have different cultures and are from different civilizations.

There is a certain repression in the concept of Hinduism which is free in Buddhism. Hindus have no problem with all of that.

Comparison Between Buddhism and Hinduism Essay

God exists everywhere in His creation. Public and domestic sacrificial rituals are prescribed for various castes of Hindus. However such was the political and social conditions of the times and the need for prudence that the barriers to communication and the distrust between the two groups could not be maintained for long.

I realize that the child in Christian theology may be born in sin, etc. In Islam they attract physical punishment. Hinduism believes in the existence of Brahman, the supreme Lord of the visible and invisible universe, who is eternal, stable, unchanging, indestructible, unborn, blissful, and who goes by many other names such as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva.

Such views resulted in further development of Hindu religion, Hindu philosophers such as Manu questioned the concepts of Vedas and laid the foundation for a philosophy that transformed Hinduism from an ancestral religion to a set of very complex religious and philosophical beliefs.

In Hinduism there is no specific dress code either for men or women, except on specific occasions or to perform certain rituals. Not only is Hinduism far different from Christianity, we believe that it has less rational and moral appeal.

Bear in mind that these gods does not include the triumvirate Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who are considered superior to the Devas.

Godthe Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Hand in hand with karmic law is the Hindu caste system.

According to Islamic tenets, there is only one God and only way to worship him, and it is as declared by the Prophet and as stipulated in the Quran.

Prophesies and their impact Prophesies have a major role to play in these mythologies. Both religions prescribe a code of conduct with regard to food and drinks. It does not ever reject the deity of Christ or any of the kind of classic doctrines of Christianity such as incarnation or the resurrection.

Hinduism is known as the world's oldest religion. According to ISKCON Educational Services (), it is hard to construct a timeline because Hinduism has no identifiable human founder or specific origin in. More Essay Examples on Hinduism Rubric Buddhism and Hinduism have been two of the oldest and most traditional religion that is being practiced by most South Asians today - Comparison Between Buddhism and Hinduism introduction.

These two religions are most influential in their own way of influencing their followers because of their philosophical notions about life. Hinduism has created rules for good living upon earth.

Comparison Between Buddhism and Hinduism

The hindu people defined their community as those who follow the way of the four classes and stages of life, and also those who believed in the Vedas.

Hinduism V Judaism Essay Compare and contrast Hinduism is a religion of many Gods, some decent and some evil but all worthy of. Evil deeds force one to pay a karmic price for their actions. In Hinduism, one who follows the dharma or social order of their caste builds good karma and one who does not, builds bad karma.

With each new life, one’s karmic deeds are paid, and they are reborn. Hindu Gods and Goddesses essays In Hindu mythology, Brahma is the senior member of the triad of great gods, which also includes Vishnu and Shiva.

In later Hindu mythology, he became symbolized as the supreme eternal deity whose essence makes up the cosmos. Comparison of Hindu and Islamic Practices Apart from the above, following are some important differences between the two religions, with regard to their respective religious practices.

Despite the tradition of polygamy, Hindus are now strictly monogamous.

A comparison between the hindu gods of good and evil essay
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Similarities between two god-men saviors: Jesus and Krishna